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  • How does your Creative Impact approach align with our brand's vision?
    Our approach involves deeply understanding your brand's essence and tailoring strategies to resonate with its identity. We showcase this through relevant examples.
  • How do creatives resonate with target audiences in mature markets?
    We leverage market research, consumer insights, and trends to craft messages that connect with your demographic.
  • How do you handle creative strategy changes and optimization?
    We prioritize agility, rigorously test creatives, and adapt based on insights and your feedback.
  • Do you have a specialized creative team?
    Yes, our team comprises experts from advertising, design, and digital domains, ensuring high-standard outputs.
  • How is creative consistency maintained across platforms?
    We create a cohesive strategy for each platform, ensuring a consistent brand voice and optimized content.
  • What makes Creative Impact unique?
    We integrate brand essence, data insights, and innovative storytelling for standout brand narratives.
  • How do you assist brands new to broader channels?
    We leverage multi-channel experience to guide smooth transitions beyond digital, ensuring consistency and impact.
  • How is creative success measured?
    We employ campaign tracking and dedicated insights to analyze and refine creative performance.
  • How does Creative Impact maximize ROI on limited budgets?
    We focus on value delivery, strategically allocating resources for high-quality, result-driven creatives.
  • What input is needed from us in the creative process?
    Collaboration is key. We integrate your brand insights and feedback throughout the process.
  • What does the price consist of?
    €7,000 for creative concept ideation and €20,000 for TV creative production for our entrance-level TVC. We can of course also offer consultancy for your creatives that starts at a much lower price.
  • What makes Performance TV 360° unique?
    Our solution integrates cutting-edge tracking with TV and CTV campaigns for high performance.
  • How does Performance TV 360° align with current digital strategies?
    We seamlessly integrate with your existing marketing mix, enhancing reach and efficiency.
  • How quick can campaigns adapt to feedback?
    TV planning requires a month's notice, but Connected TV offers on-the-go adaptability.
  • How do you cater to different global markets?
    We customize strategies based on market nuances and audience preferences, ensuring optimal reach.
  • How frequent and detailed is your real-time data?
    Our tracking solution offers continuous insights for informed decisions.
  • How do you bridge linear TV and OTT?
    We strategically select platforms and channels to maximize performance across both mediums.
  • How do you ensure campaigns meet our KPIs?
    We work closely to refine strategies for best outcomes based on your metrics.
  • How cost-effective are your campaigns?
    We balance efficiency with performance, aiming for optimal CPV/ROI.
  • What's the pricing structure for Performance TV 360°?
    Optimal budget: € 120.000. Bespoke packages available beyond € 120.000. Transparent management fee adjusts based on budget and service selection.
  • What's the typical duration for a Performance TV 360° campaign?
    We recommend a 4-week duration for thorough planning and execution.
  • What if I only want to pursue TV or CTV?
    We tailor strategies to meet your objectives, whether you choose TV, CTV, or a combination.
  • How does GEN support international expansion and its benefits?
    GEN empowers with data-driven insights, strategy, and marketing for successful global expansion, providing informed decisions, growth opportunities, and a solid global presence.
  • How does GEN help choose the right markets?
    GEN assesses factors like trends, culture, competition, recommending high-potential markets.
  • How does GEN prepare for international expansion?
    GEN combines data, strategy, and customized solutions for clarity and confidence.
  • What expertise does GEN bring for global expansion?
    Our team of experts brings deep market understanding, research, and execution experience.
  • How does GEN assess market feasibility?
    GEN considers size, trends, behavior, competition, regulations, identifying high-potential markets.
  • How does GEN ensure ROI for international expansion?
    GEN optimizes investments with data-driven strategies for profitability.
  • What value does GEN offer at different growth stages?
    GEN tailors solutions for startups, established players, and global leaders.
  • How does GEN provide ongoing support?
    Continuous support, updates, and optimizations ensure long-term success.
  • What sets GEN apart from other consultancies?
    GEN offers unique data insights, strategy, and ROI focus for successful expansions.
  • How does GEN's pricing structure work?
    Choose the €9.000 package for single market diagnostics, or €20.000 for three most promising markets.
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