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Harness the power of BRANDFORMANCE® Analytics

A holistic suite for unparalleled marketing insights and precision

The challenge of international D2C brands

Today's fragmented data landscape hinders decision-making. DCMN's goal is to reshape how marketers use data - moving beyond tracking to actionable insights and optimisations. BRANDSFORMANCE® Analytics brings this vision to life, providing deep, actionable insights to optimise marketing.

Our Analytics Suite

BRANDFORMANCE® Analytics is our comprehensive data toolkit, an evolving platform that provides insights for every marketing need:


Unlock holistic insights with relevant marketing KPI. Dive deep to pinpoint improvements and synergise for maximised results.


DCMN Brand Tracker (DBT): 

Gain a clear understanding of brand's awareness and other essential brand KPIs. Align brand narrative and performance with precise data.


Measure creative's impacts with a single score, guiding campaign optimisations for maximum resonance.

Media Mix Modelling (MMM) Beta:

Our predictive analytics tool, currently in its Beta phase, provides insights into the future performance of marketing blends. MMM is the blueprint to optimise budget allocation across channels and maximise ROI.

DC Analytics (DCA): 

An effective TV & CTV attribution measurement solution that accurately tracks the impact of TV and CTV advertising, ensuring smarter advertising decisions rooted in real-time data.


A comprehensive tracking tool to assess Radio and OOH campaigns, transforming traditionally untrackable mediums into insightful data narratives.


Coming Attractions: 

Our commitment to innovation means there's always more on the horizon.

Flexible Pricing 

Start with what you need and scale as you grow. Our pricing adapts to your business's requirements, ensuring you always get the best value.

Key Features

Customisable Packages

Not all businesses are the same. Choose from a range of analytics tools to fit needs, and pay for what truly matters to you.

Seamless Upgrades

As business evolves, so does analytics requirement. Upgrade effortlessly within our ecosystem, ensuring your insights grow with you.

"With their strategic mind-set & hands-on mentality, DCMN is a great fit to our own DNA & company culture. We highly appreciate our partnership resulting in multiple proven ATL marketing success stories over the last years!"

Lennart Sieweke, Director of ATL Broadcast Marketing, HelloFresh

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Marketing Consultant


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