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with OOH and Radio

Boost brand consideration and track offline channels as if they were digital

CPA costs of digital campaigns are soaring

The digital marketing landscape is becoming increasingly saturated. There is a need for a breakthrough in advertising efficiency and DOMINATE THE CITY tackles this challenge head-on.

Become the talk of the town

DOMINATE THE CITY is the key to unlocking the potential of OOH and radio, seamlessly tracked like digital campaigns. Experience a revolution in cross-channel marketing that maximises reach while minimising costs.

Success Stories

Urban Sports Club

Learn how Urban Sports Club took over Munich with OOH and radio to boost their brand awareness and website visits.


Brand Awareness​

Activate traditional media channels (radio and OOH) to maximise ad impact and be consistently top-of-mind on a local level.

Key Features

Brand Consideration


Strategic brand placement and engaging format, ensuring we're present in the right locations, at the right times, and with the right message, aligning closely with consumer multi-channel behaviour.


Generate an immediate uplift on top of the brand awareness spillovers by maximising the frequency and coverage of the chosen city. With a strong tracking set-up, we measure how the audience received the message.

"With their strategic mind-set & hands-on mentality, DCMN is a great fit to our own DNA & company culture. We highly appreciate our partnership resulting in multiple proven ATL marketing success stories over the last years!"

Lennart Sieweke, Director of ATL Broadcast Marketing, HelloFresh

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Senior Marketing Consultant


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