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International Brandformance® D2C Marketing

DCMN provides effective international marketing campaigns to digital minded D2C brands who strive for outstanding business results by measuring and amplifying the impact of creation and media with innovative data and insights solutions. We call it international Brandformance®. Founded in 2010 by Andi and Maze as an independent agency we believe growing business shouldn’t be a coincidence.


Navigating the web of D2C marketing can be daunting, especially when striving for both immediate impact and long-term brand growth. That’s where we come in with Brandformance®. Our tailored international marketing campaigns are meticulously crafted to measure and amplify the influence of both creativity and media, ensuring every investment yields maximum returns.


At DCMN we understand how important it is to know the impact of every marketing investment. In order to do that, we need to measure the combined impact of creatives and media. Because we understand the pressure to deliver results, we offer international marketing campaigns optimized for brands and performance KPIs which are based on data and insights solutions.

DCMN is headquartered in Berlin, with offices in Amsterdam, Gurgaon, London, Munich and New York. The company has helped more than 400 brands grow worldwide, including Vinted, Shopify, Wooga, Calm, Voyage Privé, Natural Motion, Share.

DCMN specialises in the following services:

Brandformance®, Offline and Online Marketing Campaigns, Marketing Attribution, Media Buying, Media Planning, Testing, Creation, Production, Performance-driven campaigns, Media Optimization, TV Attribution, Performance campaigns, Analytics, Audiences, Media Strategy, Campaign Prediction and Forecasting, Media Optimization Branding, Brand Tracking, Brand Workshop, Brand Communication, Insights (Competitor Analysis, Target Group Analysis, Share of Voice), Creation, Production, Brand Leadership, Brand Strategy, Creative Strategy, Creative Consultation, Marketing Strategy, OOH & DOOH, Radio, Social Media, Video, User Acquisition, Brand Tracking, Brand Perception, Creative Test, Concept Test

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