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Urban Sports Club increases brand awareness with a hyperlocal activation strategy

Urban Sports Club, a versatile fitness platform offering access to various sports and wellness activities, aimed to enhance not only brand awareness but also the awareness of the corporate sports and wellness offerings of Urban Sports Club in Munich, Germany, particularly. 

Operating internationally, the brand's services are available in key cities across Germany, France, Portugal, Spain, Austria, and Belgium. Partnering with DCMN in Oct/Nov 2023, Urban Sports Club sought to increase website traffic and effectively track the performance of Out-of-Home (OOH) and radio advertising channels.


  • Increase brand awareness in Munich.

  • Boost traffic to the Urban Sports Club website.

  • Implement seamless tracking of OOH and radio performance.


  • To achieve these goals, we selected DCMN's DOMINATE THE CITY core product as the most suitable approach for increasing brand awareness and driving website visits through a hyperlocal activation strategy.

  • By combining traditional ATL (Above The Line) channels with engaging formats and comprehensive reporting, DOMINATE THE CITY offers a valuable approach to marketing that complements digital and local strategies.

  • Teaming up with the largest radio station, Radio Gong, we executed a 3-week campaign encompassing classic spots, live moderations, pay-offs, trailers, and online promotions.

  • Additionally, for the OOH media, we strategically placed advertisements in Munich's city centre to amplify local visibility and urban impact.

  • With a strong multi-channel tracking in place we were able to confidently report on the campaign results. This integrated approach not only enhanced brand visibility, but also optimised marketing spend, contributing to overall brand success.


Urban Sports Club's collaboration with DCMN exemplifies the effectiveness of hyperlocal activation strategies in increasing brand awareness and driving website traffic. By strategically utilising OOH and radio channels, Urban Sport Club successfully engaged its target audience in Munich, showcasing the power of localised marketing efforts in achieving campaign objectives. 

The campaign resulted in an 11,2% increase in website visits for the Munich area and contributed to an overall 7% increase in brand awareness measured country-wide. A significant uplift was also noticed in local aided brand awareness among employees, with Urban Sports Club doubling awareness.

As the DOMINATE THE CITY approach gains popularity, DCMN remains committed to supporting D2C brands in their journey towards heightened brand visibility and market growth.




Increase in brand awareness

Increase in website visits

ATL channels tracked

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