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TaxSlayer Boosted Web Visits by 19% with PERFORMANCE TV 360°

TaxSlayer, a personal tax service company, faced a challenge in 2020. Despite having used television as a branding medium in the past, they were looking to diversify their performance media spend and leverage the power of TV to drive web traffic and increase new account sign-ups. 

With many other direct-to-consumer (D2C) tax companies already running on TV, TaxSlayer had to find a way to establish an impactful share of voice while balancing performance metrics. That's where our team at DCMN and the PERFORMANCE TV 360° approach came in.


  • Drive web visits.

  • Increase new account sign-ups.

  • Accelerate their growth in the US market.


  • We applied DCMN's PERFORMANCE TV 360° approach and developed a data-driven media strategy to reach TaxSlayer’s target audience efficiently.

  • Our primary focus was on TV and achieving a balance between performance and awareness channels.

  • We incorporated OTT as well to reach an incremental audience of cord cutters.

  • Throughout the campaign, we measured and evaluated the overall impact of DCMN activities, encompassing both TV and OTT efforts, to gain a comprehensive understanding of the campaign's effectiveness.


PERFORMANCE TV 360° is designed to assist D2C-brands in seamlessly integrating linear TV and CTV advertising into their media mix, ensuring they meet their performance KPIs and enhance their brand growth. With TaxSlayer’s campaign goals in mind, we knew this would be the right approach for them.

We designed a data-driven media strategy that would elevate TaxSlayer’s presence in the marketplace, reaching their target audience effectively and efficiently. This approach included linear and streaming TV, using a combination of high-impact and traditional placements.

With our holistic tracking approach, we were able to quantify both the immediate impact of the TV strategy, as well as the wider spillover effects of high-reach, upper-funnel channels. By evaluating performance and optimising the media strategy holistically, we demonstrated that TV can play an integral role in TaxSlayer’s performance marketing mix.

The results of the TV activation strategy were impressive. The PERFORMANCE TV 360° approach drove a 19% increase in web visits attributed to the campaign. We also witnessed a 24% improvement in the cost per new account (CPA) and a 30% reduction in the cost per purchase (CPP), even with a year-over-year increase in TV spend.

Our partnership with TaxSlayer has been a continuous success story of TV activation in the US market. The results of our media strategy showcase the potential of PERFORMANCE TV 360° to drive the client’s goal metrics, helping them not only diversify their performance media spend, but also increase their market share.

With ongoing success, TaxSlayer stands as a shining example of what can be achieved with a well-executed PERFORMANCE TV 360° activation strategy. Our team is proud to have played a part in their journey towards increased brand awareness and growth.




Increase in website traffic

Reduction in cost per new account

Reduction in cost per purchase

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